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Hi, and thanks for visiting the site. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Andy, an ex-pat Englishman living in Staten Island, New York. I moved here with my native New Yorker wife in 2001.

But this is a running blog (mostly), so I’ll fast forward to where that part of the story begins. After a few false starts, I made running a full-time part of my life in June 2010, having completed a couple of five mile training runs and boldly announced to my wife that I wanted to run a half-marathon.

Four months later I completed the Staten Island Half Marathon in 1:33:13, learning that I might have some potential, and there was no turning back. I learned more about the local running scene, joined my local club, and after twelve years living in the US, now feel more integrated than ever into my community.

Following the November 2012 cancellation of the New York City Marathon after Superstorm Sandy, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to represent my club in the second NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon, finishing 11th overall in 3:03:43, achieving my goal of qualifying for the 2014 Boston Marathon.



Injuries prevented me from taking up my spot on the starting line, but it remains my goal as a runner. One day I’ll be there in Hopkinton to run this great race.


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