Well That Escalated Quickly…

A list of marathons/ultra-marathons I’ve done, and how far I ran in the six days following those races.

Following RnR USA Marathon (3/17/2012)
19.11 miles @ 10:18 pace (16 of those miles run on the sixth day)

Following Brooklyn Marathon (11/18/2012)
8.77 miles @ 9:34 pace

Following 2012 Trail Festival 50k (12/7/2012)
2.84 miles @ 8:31 pace

Following 2013 Trail Festival 50k (12/8/2013)
25.32 miles @ 8:00 pace

Adding those 25 miles (which represent the first few days of my Boston training plan) to the 50k, that’s a 56 mile training load for the week, and while I’m hitting my target paces and completing workouts, my knees are starting to feel it. So power recovery is the name of the game, alternating ice and heat to speed the healing process. One more workout tomorrow morning, and then it’s my running club’s holiday party, followed by a glorious rest day. My new coach and plan have me more inspired to run than ever, but right now I’m ready for a little micro-break…