What This Is (And What It Isn’t)

Just what the world needs, another running blog…

I know. Sorry. I’ll be honest, part of the reason I’m putting this site together is to scratch an itch. I find myself with a lot to say on running topics, but there’s often a lack of a suitable outlet for it. My running friends are almost exclusively on Facebook, but then so are my non-running friends, and I’m sufficiently self-aware to know that we can be a little insufferable when we DON’T. STOP. TALKING. ABOUT. RUNNING.

But on a broader level, I think of how much valuable information I’ve read on running sites on the web. If I have something good to share, then it’s a shame to keep it locked up in the Facebook walled garden.

Here’s what you’ll get here:

  • The ups and downs of my preparations for the 2014 Boston Marathon. There’ll be stories about training runs and races and injuries and shoes (I love my shoes) and everything you’d expect from the blog of a semi-competitive runner.
  • But that’s not all! Because if this were all about my running, it would be boring. 17 months is a long time. A non-marathon year provides opportunities to try new experiences. Vary my training. Be a spectator and cheerleader, return some of the support that I’ve received in the past. I’ll write about that too.
  • Commentary on the pro running scene. I’m been a fan of the sport of track and field ever since I was a child, watching Coe, Ovett and Cram battling it out on the track, with David Coleman, Ron Pickering, Brendan Foster and company doing the BBC commentary.
  • A focus on the Staten Island scene. This is a great borough for running, with a number of long-standing road races, a thriving trail running community, and several active clubs with growing memberships. Yet despite this, the sport finds itself increasingly squeezed out of the local media coverage. I’d like to use this site to bring attention to the great opportunities we have as Staten Island runners.

What this won’t be:

  • A training advice manual. I’m not a certified trainer or coach. I’ve had some success as a new runner, I feel like I’ve learned a few secrets which I’m sure I’ll share, but I have no illusions about my level of experience. I’ll frequently link to those whose advice I respect and trust.
  • A reliable source of positive daily inspiration. There are many fine running blogs that have that area covered, but it’s not my natural personality. I’ll do my best to keep things light, but you’re probably not going to be thanking me for getting you out the door for your daily run.
  • All about me. I promise.