Goodbye doctors, hello racing!

Some positive news today. I returned to the orthopedist for a follow-up appointment about my right knee (and to lesser extent, foot). I explained that it’s continuing to slowly get better, that I still feel numbness, but I’m able to run without the knee limiting me.

The physician’s assistant seemed a little concerned that the numbness is not something typically associated with knee issues, until I added that I’ve recently had recurrence of sciatic/piriformis related pain in my right leg, the same problem I’d managed to train through last year. The PA seemed to think that was a more likely cause of what I was feeling in my knee, and encouraged me to maintain good posture and keep up a solid routine of core strengthening exercises. More yoga for me!

The best news is that my next scheduled orthopedist visit is… NEVER.

So unless my calcified loose body squirms its way into my knee joint, or I have other new pain, I’ve essentially been given an all clear. I’ve been running for the last few weeks as if that was the case, but it’s good to have official medical clearance!

It’s been ages since I raced, and there’s a one-mile track race coming up this weekend, so weather permitting, I’m hoping to throw on my running club singlet and my most obscene pair of short shorts and try to mix it up a bit.

Racing on a track will be completely new to me – I had no athletic talent in my school days, and the last time I recall doing school sports day back in primary (elementary) school, we just ran around the grass football (soccer) pitch. As such, I’ve been doing some research. Where better to start than with Seb Coe’s mile world records?

Ok, so mad scramble at the start, everyone surge towards the inner lane, hang behind my pacemaker for a while, then set the world alight with a magical last lap. I’ll see how much of that I can remember on Saturday!