Monthly Archives: March 2014

A dream delayed

It’s certainly been a while since my last post here. Considering I should be towards the peak of marathon training, that means something must be wrong, right?

Unfortunately, yes. Without wanting to turn this into a long self-pitying post, Boston isn’t going to happen this year. My knees have failed me again, and a last-ditch plan of resting for six weeks followed by an abbreviated training schedule aimed at just finishing the marathon didn’t work out. The final straw was losing a week of training not to injury, but to a particularly aggressive cold virus that had me confined to the house for four days.

I had been prepared to go ahead and run Boston just as long as I could have a positive experience, which in my mind I’d defined as “slow but not too painful”. With four weeks to go I know that’s not possible, so it’s time to draw a line under this cycle and prepare for the future.

Any positive spin? Well, thanks to a few sessions with a physical therapist I have a better understanding of the biomechanical issues that affect my running. That should help me improve my cross-training regimen when I resume training.

The biggest positive by far is not having any pressure on me to go out and run in pain any more. A couple of weeks ago during a particularly terrible run I came up with the particularly self-wallowing phrase “I’m in a prison of my own making”. Which is completely overdramatic, but it is going to be good to relax, return to full fitness on my own schedule, mix up my activities, and hopefully run pain-free before too long.

Despite this setback, Boston is still top of my running goals, though given my experiences these last twelve months, I’m not making bold promises or guarantees of re-qualifying on the first try. But it will happen, eventually.

To my fellow Staten Islanders running Boston: I’ve so appreciated your support during the weeks I’ve tried to get ready for this race. I’m inspired by you all and wish you all the most wonderful experience next month. If there’s one thing I enjoy almost as much as running races, it’s tracking them, so you all KNOW that I’ll be urging you on all the way from Hopkinton to Copley Square.

And to my family too, thanks for supporting me through a winter of lurching mood swings. Between the harsh weather and my painful-one-day, ok-the-next legs, I’ve likely not been too easy to live with. Hopefully that improves now…