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June Review

I’m sure most of you can remember your school days, when you’d do well on a test and be excited to bring it home to show your parents. I feel a little like that about my June mileage.


Back to normality? Close enough, for now. The timing of my injury left something to be desired, missing two months of great weather for running and then trying to make a comeback just as the viciously humid NYC summer starts to bite. Thanks to the oppressive conditions, my long run isn’t where I’d like it to be (ten miles is the furthest I’ve run), but it feels as if my various right leg issues are no longer the main limitations holding me back.

Being able to run doesn’t necessarily mean I can race, though. My fitness is still lacking, so I’m sitting on the sidelines while my friends and teammates compete in the traditional Staten Island Triple Crown series of summer races.

For the first race, on Memorial Day, I replaced my racing flats with my trusty camera, the best way I’ve found to remain connected to the running community. Better still, my wife and daughter brought their photography skills to the party too. My eight-year-old’s photos seemed to be the most popular of all!

memorial day run 1 memorial day run 2

Above: a couple of race photos captured by our little one.

The second leg of the Triple Crown, the Jeff’s Run 5k on Father’s Day, saw the fulfilment of a promise to our daughter, who’d been asking for a year to run that race. As an injured runner with no goals of my own, this wish was easy to grant. We trained for a couple of weeks, and set out on race day confident of finishing, but not necessarily all that quickly. But on a thankfully overcast day, she outdid herself to finish third in the 10-and-under age group and bring home a trophy. My little champion, keeping up the good family name!


Finishing the 5k race!

Our daughter’s recent enthusiasm (she now insists on wearing running shirts to bed) has helped reshape my future running goals too. After running the Boston and New York marathons next year, on what seems to be a creaking body, what’s next? Well, it looks like “raising a happy, active, healthy, athletic daughter” jumps to the top of the list. As a father, you’re looking for a chance to positively shape your children’s lives, and right now it seems I’m being looked up at to do just that. As running goals go, it’s about as worthy as it gets.